In the 10 years since the introduction of the current UCL visual identity, the communication landscape has changed dramatically. There are now far more employees, students and designers in contact and working with the identity. We were aware the guidelines needed to be updated to reflect these changes. To guide users with clearer, more concise guidelines and easier access to the resources they need.

We were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive audit of how the UCL visual identity is currently used across all touch points. We presented our findings to the universities brand and communication directors, and to over 300 communication managers from all faculties and departments, along with a set of recommendations we believed would help improve take up of the guidelines.

We’ve spent the last 18 months working with the universities communication and marketing department, restructuring, designing content and developing a full online brand toolkit. As well as a smaller printed quick guide, a valuable asset for those less familiar with working with the identity (academics and non-designers) who required only top level information. 

It was also felt something was need to capture the spirit of this huge undertaking. We shot and produced a brand film for the launch of the new digital guidelines. Bringing the brand to life with moving image to engage the universities communication teams into the full potential of the brand.

Identity audit
Staff workshops
Visual identity brand guidelines
Quick guide poster design
Brand film