The Bartlett Centenary campaign 1

The Bartlett exhibition

What are the most important questions facing the built environment in the next 100 years?

As part of our ongoing work with the Bartlett’s centenary campaign, we were commissioned to design an exhibition that looks to the future. Asking the questions what the next 100 years might look like for the built environment and what The Bartlett needs to do to shape that for the better?

Working with The Bartlett brand and copy from Eggcorn we devised an interactive exhibition format to work in their gallery. We designed over 100 colourful Corita Kent inspired stacking boxes intended to be explored and read. The boxes posed questions, and were jam-packed with insightful and relevant reading material.   

The exhibition put these questions to a wide audience of students, staff, industry professionals and the public with the aim not to present solutions but to start conversations…

How can we provide a good choice of housing for our growing population?

How can we design urban centres to be truly accessible during the day and at night?

How can we create a built environment with citizens, rather than for them?

With a response wall, and social media feed it’s hoped the exhibition will provide thoughts and input which might help shape a new Manifesto for The Bartlett (and the built environment).


Film — Jasper Goodall
Photography — Jim Stephenson

The Bartlett Centenary campaign 2