The performing arts have suffered significantly from the effects of COVID-19 and have almost ceased to exist in their traditional form since March 2020. In these days of safe distancing, Telepresence Stage is developing effective and affordable techniques to connect theatre and dance performers from their separate homes and place them within virtual sets online to create, rehearse and perform together as if on a real stage. Our identity for this fantastic research project makes a virtue of this third space – creating a dynamic and playful letter T that isn’t really there. This suggestive letterform is used to great effect as the navigation device on the website we designed that provides helpful DIY how-to-guides, resources, and analysis of ongoing residency projects with eight UK performance companies. 

Brand identity
Website design
Brand communications
Social media campaign

“Boyle&Perks insisted on gaining an in-depth understanding of our project and its background from the outset to give us the visual identity we needed. The result was innovative, creative and unique. It’s been a pleasure working with and Elaine and Bill, they work like part of the project team and share in our ambition for its success.”

Paul Sermon

Professor of Visual Communication, University of Brighton