Over the last decade, academic research has increasingly been understood through its impact; how might research shift understanding and advance theory across and within disciplines? How can research policy, change behaviours or reframe debates?

Researchful is a new venture working alongside organisations and individuals to articulate and amplify this knowledge from academic research – and engage those who can use or benefit from it. Researchful looks to maximise the impact of evidence-based ideas; reflecting their belief in the need for a dynamic and sustained approach to engagement, communications and impact.

After extensive research and working closely with the business we established a clear strategy that would underpin everything. Referencing their belief in the positive impact connecting academic research with society can have on the world, a positioning line developed around the idea of ‘bridging the gap’.

Using this as a starting point the brand identity is led by flexible forms that continuously shift and flex to create abstract letter Rs that play on this notion of connection. These dynamic forms are used across the website and marketing applications.

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Marketing materials

“We came to Boyle & Perks after seeing their brilliantly creative and boldly colourful work with universities (our main client base). Loved their design concept from day one: the idea of connecting academic research with society, but also the reality that the journey from research to real impact is never linear and invariably circuitous and challenging. We needed a brand that could position us as both specialist consultants and creative communicators. A tricky brief, but the team found the perfect balance.”

Chris O’Brien

Founder and Director, Researchful