For the Bartlett impact is simply the difference you or your work makes. Impacts can be specific or broad; positive or negative; intended or unintended; and they can cover a range of areas from economic, to political, to societal. The Bartlett doesn’t promote one specific understanding of impact, instead they bring together different approaches and expertise to enable and support a diversity of impacts. This Manual is intended to act as a guide, with stories and practical tips to support individuals to develop a mindset for creating meaningful impacts. Categorised into three sections, Trust and Care, Power and Equity and Reflection and Learning, the Manual promotes learning around core principles of impact, rather than following step-by-step instructions.

We developed a visual style for the publication that is derived from the language of mapping, something that is widely used in research, analysis and engagement. This works across a printed and digital publication that guides the reader through each section highlighting The Bartlett’s evolving work in sharing strategies to understand impact.

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