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Bartlett Hacks

Climate solutions in a time of pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has managed to transform our lives in the blink of an eye. Across the world, the responses and innovative solutions being demonstrated are inspiring. With that in mind, The Bartlett planned to host an online open hackathon looking for lasting climate solutions that might built a better, healthier future for everyone. We worked to their ambitious schedule to design an identity and website before the end of the academic year, ensuring maximum student engagement.

We commissioned Boyle&Perks for the ‘Bartlett Hacks’ – it’s been professional right from the start. Their website design has been amazing and the team could respond to all suggestions in a timely and creative manner. Excellent work.

Prof. Dr. Raimund Bleischwitz
Director, The Bartlett School of Environment Energy & Resources (BSEER)
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