As part of a wider fund raising campaign for a new research institute, we helped UCL raise awareness of the retail coalition supporting UCL Dementia Research with money raised from the 5p plastic bag levy.

We collaborated with ‘master-maker’ Kyle Bean, his steady hands, a bag load of bags, and 4,000 5p coins to create a memorable graphic campaign that draws attention to the fantastic work that’s been done so far (the coalition has raised over £10 million in the first year – equivalent to 200 million plastic bags). As well as the ongoing need to support the funding of the new research institute.

We also created an animation that UCL could share across all their social media channels.

Art direction and photography
Brand communication
Print campaign

“Working with Boyle & Perks on this project was fantastic… They have created something that really resonates with our different audiences.”

Liz Saul

Communications Officer, UCL Dementia Research