The University of Bath’s Public Engagement Unit have a growing reputation of fostering a culture where public engagement with research is recognised, practised and valued across the University.  Since forming in 2012 they have seen their work take root, and gained recognition for this work. Public engagement with research is now thriving and is seen as an important part of the research landscape at the University of Bath. We designed this interactive playbook, beautifully illustrated by Lucia Vinti, as a platform for the Unit to showcase the exercises and lessons they have successfully used to change university culture.

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“Boyle&Perks were a great fit for the project. Bringing their wealth of experience of working with universities, research centres and researchers to the team. I was genuinely thrilled with their work on this. The high-quality of the Field Guide reflects the approach Boyle&Perks take to their work, adaptable, collaborative, creative and curious, all underpinned by a focus on delivering excellent client services.”

Dean Veall

Deputy Head of Public Engagement, The University of Bath