A new publication for Central Saint Martins

Bringing the inside out

As part of a wider identity project, Central Saint Martins commissioned us to design a printed guide for foundation and undergraduate students. The ambition was to create something very distinct, and image based. Deliberately staying away from slogans and imposed rhetoric which wasn’t right for them.

We created a large scale photographic montage turning the college Inside Out. And in doing so, showcase the ‘Carnival of Creativity’ that goes on inside. We wanted to break the current prospectus mould, and bring back an element of anarchic fun and craft. Students projects are transposed onto the building, and emerge out of windows and doors. Further projects and stories are threaded throughout the publication – visually celebrating the breadth of creative practices in one College.

The publication had to tell the Central Saint Martins story beautifully and clearly while celebrating the work that exists inside the College – the range of courses, students’ creativity, their agency and ingenuity.

Starting in the College archive, which holds a collection of publications from the early 1900s through to present day. We were blown away by what we found, the variety of printed formats, quality of materials, typography and art direction were all so unique and so well crafted – we knew that we needed to create something equally tactile and welcoming – but also, that captured the energy and excitement of the College today.

We’ve continued this theme through to all their Open Day marketing materials and social media channels.

“I think it is probably the best such document I have ever seen from anywhere in UAL. I especially liked the tactile quality of the pages and the intellectual gravitas of the content. That some of the images are stunning goes without saying.”

Stephen Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

“It is a pleasure to work with Boyle & Perks. Consistent with Central Saint Martins’ overall approach, they start with the conceptual and contextual aspects of a project and then work through research and option appraisals to deliver design that is consistent with the original intent.”

Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins